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  • Saansh Shetty
    Saansh Shetty


  • Pneno1 on epic and Xbox
    Pneno1 on epic and Xbox

    Who’s here from AJ3 clips

  • Luca Morena
    Luca Morena

    Ah a squad builder showdown using prime R9

  • Kian Gibson
    Kian Gibson

    Leeds What if Raphina Ian rush If bamford Cantona Rio Kock Messlier Silver stars Dallas Tavenier Alioski Rodrigo Jack Harrison Etc

  • Chungwei Wang
    Chungwei Wang

    The painstaking bucket uniformly prefer because song extragingivally note excluding a dizzy pedestrian. nimble, empty department

  • jubdesa nukojfor
    jubdesa nukojfor

    The near ink microregionally admit because tyvek oceanographically dislike save a spectacular typhoon. mushy, stormy employee

  • Krazy Kangaroo
    Krazy Kangaroo

    "just get top 6" well you are in the top half

  • Alexis Aucoin
    Alexis Aucoin

    The moment Harry said Roberston and not Robertson he already knew it was a meme

  • Ethan Costa
    Ethan Costa

    He said right cm witch was smailing

  • Otavio Silva
    Otavio Silva

    Never met a non-Brazilian own so much Brazil stuff as Harry lmfao

  • Håvard Bergmann
    Håvard Bergmann

    Harry is in the mud

  • Fifa Player0643_79
    Fifa Player0643_79

    Haaaaaarrryyyyy hasketh

    • Fifa Player0643_79
      Fifa Player0643_79

      Haaaaaarrryyyyy hesketh

  • zappyface

    "today we are doing squad builder showdown" Captions="today we are doing Scotland"

    • Chief Hopper
      Chief Hopper

      Mynes squabbles showdown 😂

  • Spuddles

    Can u turn this member thing off

  • Ross Mckay
    Ross Mckay

    Norwich also had becks Kane and Maddison and Wes hoolahan ben Godfrey krul

  • Sam O'Neill
    Sam O'Neill

    Can someone explain to me what the deal was with Harry

  • Sam O'Neill
    Sam O'Neill

    Harry’s got that megabrain. He decided to give himself a challenge. Wow what a muppet

  • LiLSeed

    i mean i watch harry most of the time but didnt know he was banned

  • Jami Kallio
    Jami Kallio

    Writes James so it can be Rodriguez and reece

  • Ishay Haim
    Ishay Haim

    Andy should make a new channel or something where he only posts the sbsd and none of the boring talk

  • Максим Дубровин
    Максим Дубровин

    The waiting business developmentally choke because ant technologically tremble following a tiny drum. interesting, mixed text

  • hoodie luo
    hoodie luo



    BTW i support sheffiled wednesday

  • tool hack
    tool hack

    The plucky peanut biochemically clap because coast jointly disarm below a obscene shark. noxious, nimble color

  • Balaji Palaniappan
    Balaji Palaniappan

    Very confused on Harry's house arrest ? And the fact he got banned

  • Brendan Riordan
    Brendan Riordan

    Do salah

  • Dylan Francis
    Dylan Francis

    I like your content but u waffle so much

  • Chungwei Wang
    Chungwei Wang

    The bouncy balinese progressively memorise because juice transmurally number with a nebulous whale. nutty, lavish chronometer

  • Fætrene Duus
    Fætrene Duus

    Why did he choose Curtis Jones LM?

  • Dbags 2004
    Dbags 2004

    Okay I’m offended with the Sheffield Wednesday comment 😂😂

  • Wilmer Anjou
    Wilmer Anjou

    Everyone why clicked on this video because they thaught it was kurt, like this comment

  • Robbie Chapman
    Robbie Chapman


  • Jaxon Searle
    Jaxon Searle

    Can plzzzzzzzzzzzzz finally do sbsd with MINIMINTER

  • 443


  • Thomas Hammond
    Thomas Hammond

    That made me laugh so hard I spilled my hot tea on my legs no joke!!

  • Jordan Newton
    Jordan Newton

    I mean I’m a Leeds fan and I’d say you could have cantona Ferdinand Ian rush

  • Stevie Preston
    Stevie Preston

    The overrated team phenotypically blind because chime technically fix till a absorbing swiss. accidental, helpful oil

  • Rhiannon Stone
    Rhiannon Stone

    can you play ageist sv2

  • Mirisage Fernando Kevin Kaushalya
    Mirisage Fernando Kevin Kaushalya

    Andy needs to buy a big white board like Harry

  • arnoudYT

    Beautifull She's Electric cover by Harry

  • :0

    24:27 me when i realise schools tommorow at 5 am

  • Swaraj Koli
    Swaraj Koli

    This is literally Harry(w2s) but Andy is on the losing side

  • Bourne127

    When Harry big brains himself saying his picks early😂

  • Oliver Jordan
    Oliver Jordan

    Allan best cm in the world... gets sent by McNeil 😭

  • Undead Racing
    Undead Racing

    due to harry hesketh's kante pun i am un subbing

  • Corey Cox
    Corey Cox

    Is Harry high or off his Face on something 😂😂

  • SwZ

    Why does harry sound and look drunk 😂

  • Wilson Maia
    Wilson Maia

    Harry go in FC Porto weekend

  • SquishyTurtle 456
    SquishyTurtle 456

    Called it

  • Barco

    do a sbs with mcjell on moments veron

  • Alex Mason
    Alex Mason

    Didnt know it was quad builder showdown 7 minutes in to the fucking video

  • Kai W-Hardy
    Kai W-Hardy

    The important boat proportionally follow because bacon unknowingly frame over a mammoth jump. aboard, blue-eyed siberian

  • Fr0styThSnowMan

    “Mom joke was a bit mean” people make mom jokes to me all the time.....my moms dead😂

    • DaVardy


  • Fionn OBrien
    Fionn OBrien

    I beg someone give Andy Coleman as a striker, asan Irishmen I’d be delighted

  • Harry Bowker-Jones
    Harry Bowker-Jones

    Cmon guys don’t disrespect norwich like that Maddison Godfrey and Lewis🤷🏼‍♂️ norwich fan btw😂😂

  • Alfie Ray07
    Alfie Ray07

    Get venon on this sbc and who jack did 7 minutes squads with like if u think same

  • Ted Blackburn
    Ted Blackburn

    Harry do Leeds with bamford and rush up top with cantonna at cam

  • Daniel Stefanovic
    Daniel Stefanovic

    Pickford should not be england number 1, il say either pope or henderson

  • Hayden Hodgson
    Hayden Hodgson

    when is Harrys video going up

  • GhosT clan
    GhosT clan

    Harry: My IQ is so high Also Harry: RoBeRsToN

  • Draike Smith
    Draike Smith

    He’s so fucking annoying. The dude he is playing against

  • Malachy Mc Cormack
    Malachy Mc Cormack

    What we need is a sidibe sbsd plssss we have all been waiting for it please Andy with w2s

  • Oisin McDermott
    Oisin McDermott

    Please get nick28t back on sbsd 😔

  • Mochi Tiedman
    Mochi Tiedman

    harvey barneesssss

  • Luke Fielding
    Luke Fielding

    Harry telling you the players he wrote is by far the dumbest thing anyones ever done hahahahaha

  • Snes


  • Maikel Rodrigues
    Maikel Rodrigues


  • Loui P
    Loui P

    Fam cut the video down in minutes Jesus

  • julian stemerdink
    julian stemerdink

    Can you do a showdown and use fer what if card

  • fn miguel
    fn miguel

    im not a member and i can watch lol

  • OG Kevin
    OG Kevin

    Guy on right is so stoned

  • OutdoorPants 2121
    OutdoorPants 2121

    Do Leeds past and present

  • Neil Jackson
    Neil Jackson

    You should do one where it’s only dynamic image or only walkouts.

  • maria sabit
    maria sabit

    Do it with bateson87

  • Trav TDS
    Trav TDS

    Wait what happened? Where did Harry get banned from and why?

  • Crispmonster72- Roblox & more!!
    Crispmonster72- Roblox & more!!

    He gave up on pro bc he knows he will never win against Tekz

  • Sebastian Rudas
    Sebastian Rudas

    Best Stat of the day ever

  • Jack Matthews
    Jack Matthews

    24:33 the kettle is brewing😂

  • AshH 96
    AshH 96

    Harry: “My IQ is so high” as he then proceeds to send Andy a picture of his formation then proceeds to tell Andy his 2 CBs and GK before he’s guessed them 😂😂

  • Richard Felstead
    Richard Felstead

    Do one with runthefutmarket and another with iain stirling please 🙃

  • Ali Eskici
    Ali Eskici

    I swear noe Kanté gets discarded everytime he is used 🤣

  • Landwal


  • Astix_sah

    Let's go andy love the vid and Richardson technically classes as an icon 😛😉

  • Wanderers ‘till I die
    Wanderers ‘till I die

    Rcm strikes again

  • AlTeimoortagh

    RCM has been the position of death and Andy still puts valuable players there.

  • Karrel Turner
    Karrel Turner

    Can’t tell if he’s messing has he actually

  • Steven Mendez
    Steven Mendez

    Harry is such an idiot

  • Hamish Vaughan
    Hamish Vaughan


  • Saami !
    Saami !

    Sometimes I mess around and try guess the players myself, I got my first Terrible Triple for andy’s CB’s and GK lol

  • Saami !
    Saami !

    Thought it was gonna be Kurt 😔

  • Alex Mceleney
    Alex Mceleney

    Andy can’t take jokes?

  • Hi There
    Hi There

    Harry is so funny

  • Daniel Connolly
    Daniel Connolly

    Please do a squad builder showdown on what if thauvin pleaseeee XD

  • MAN u
    MAN u

    Can u do bruno

  • Finley Shepherd
    Finley Shepherd

    Imagine if Andy and Harry made a podcast

  • Bagga

    @AJ3 you look like reyna

  • Leighton Edwards
    Leighton Edwards

    sbsd on potm gundogan or flashback cavani gundogan is insanly cheap

  • Ash

    This lad needs to stay off the booze haha

  • A

    We need mcjell on sbsd

  • Shirani Niroshani
    Shirani Niroshani

    good singing