Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! WHAT IF TRANSFERRED GOMEZ!!! Vs PieFace
GOMEZ HAS TRANSFERRED TO LA LIGA AND GOT A WHAT IF!!! Let's do Squad Builder Showdown on him with the one and only PieFace


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  • Reda ;
    Reda ;

    11:56 Pie with the magic tricks I see.

  • RoyaltyMan W
    RoyaltyMan W

    i love pie and i felt bad for him he shouldnt have lost xd

  • Dylan Clift
    Dylan Clift

    So salty lol

  • John Oonincx
    John Oonincx

    This was actually heartbreaking. And PieFace is such a genuine nice guy. I love him.

  • Charlie Pannell
    Charlie Pannell

    i subbed to pie when he was at 8k from the first sbsd

  • Bottoms Geri
    Bottoms Geri

    The roomy september etiologically recognise because weapon transmurally hurry sans a married lake. demonic, tan museum

  • Osama Najib
    Osama Najib

    Andy you should do the Diatta What If card or Marcelo What If plus squad builder showdown

  • tman

    at 29:19 he said goe jomez 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jacob Elliot
    Jacob Elliot

    1 like = 1 prayer for pie

  • olothespider 21
    olothespider 21

    Do a party bag squad builder showdown

  • Axel K
    Axel K

    25:06 Pie: “You win more times than you play” 😂😂😂

  • Bonedragon 2001
    Bonedragon 2001

    pie is such a lovely chap

  • Bedo YT
    Bedo YT

    Pie face LETTSSS GOOO

  • Stevie Preston
    Stevie Preston

    The wide-eyed edward echographically sign because minister pathohistologically prepare from a whole belt. ill, mellow pharmacist

  • YT_ Lipiwths
    YT_ Lipiwths

    29:15 he said goe jomez😂😂😂😂

  • Sweetobix

    Andy wrote down Spanish Valencia which shouldn't count as a guess and he should discard all his players

  • Joch Jocherson
    Joch Jocherson

    11:53 did Anyone see the cursor move when he had both hands on his board?

  • Cillian7909

    Can you stop doing just members

  • Penguin Playz
    Penguin Playz

    Hey AJ , probably not gonna see this but I’ve seen this SVsoftr named FuzzBall. And I want to surprise him with a invite from you to Squad Builder Showdown, Or Pack And Play, he said that was his dream on one of his videos, and he is a great man

  • 99 aguero
    99 aguero

    Andy please do one on moments McGeady

  • Nikhil Patel
    Nikhil Patel

    Why's Andy sweating it against Pie for

  • michael gudgeon
    michael gudgeon

    What a man, putting an icon and Gomez into a gold upgrade whereas everyone else puts them into actual sbcs

  • Wilfaroo

    hey andy please could you try to include a little bit of the video where you say what you think of the marqee player. maybe just before the discards or something. would be helpful cos im sure theres a few of us who are considering buying them

  • small spud
    small spud

    Do a squad builder showdown on 89 Morales what if

  • Muqtaza Hamza
    Muqtaza Hamza

    Nahhhhhhhh Mateeeeeeeeeeee

  • ZachMeleOfficial

    That’s not magic Andy, That’s common sense unless you didn’t discovered it until you are 20

  • Sutkate 2K19
    Sutkate 2K19


  • Rae Piste
    Rae Piste

    I wonder what Harry's win % is

  • The Gameologist
    The Gameologist


  • Pinecone 29
    Pinecone 29

    I pack Tierney a lot


    Did I just hear pie say %68 that's a good stat you win more games than you play? 🤔

  • GamerCompound

    Can anyone help me figure out my team? Neymar (91) - Guimarães (87) - CR7 (87) Rooney (93) - Deco (91)- Dybala (91) Mendy - Fofana (86) - Gomez - Tavernier Pope (I have on my bech 90 what if gomez that i would like to put on the team, and some obj. cards) I would love some help upgrading the team i got 500k

  • Andrew Shore
    Andrew Shore

    whould u do ozil's fenerbache squad builder showdown

  • Matt Golding
    Matt Golding

    I packed Ashley Cole. What a babe

  • Filipe

    It's incredible how easy you went on him and you still discarded the big bois

  • Javier Ramírez Nava
    Javier Ramírez Nava

    All sbds with pie he loses his best players

  • Tyler Boss (BigHossBoss)
    Tyler Boss (BigHossBoss)

    No wonder he doesn’t play squad builder showdown lol

  • Joe Grant
    Joe Grant

    Andy is the cheat of the century

  • MrDilligentYT !
    MrDilligentYT !


  • Curtis Sharpe
    Curtis Sharpe

    Anyone have any idea who Pie wanted as his RM in his original plan? He didn’t mention it

  • D4

    What happened to the form thing from fifa 19 can you bring it back

  • Kevin Quezada
    Kevin Quezada

    Andy is a snake lol

  • Egirl Rich
    Egirl Rich

    incoming sbsd wit waman if

  • Daniel R
    Daniel R

    Andy should delete his whole club and giveaway a million FP because he’s a cheat and he guessed a Valencia player that doesn’t exist.

  • Ian Thomas
    Ian Thomas

    3412 worst formation in game

  • Ian Thomas
    Ian Thomas

    Your gonna loose preface again

  • Luke Davies
    Luke Davies


  • Ian Thomas
    Ian Thomas

    Preface on the xbox are you

  • Klemziboy

    Congrats to PieFace. He did lose some weight 👏

  • Reza Mohseni
    Reza Mohseni

    Let's predict when Andy will finally realize when you have GK in any position other than GK, the ratings will translate! Diving will be the Pace and GK's speed is actually defending!

  • Oliver Johnson
    Oliver Johnson

    Up the pieeee !!!

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith

    Dont worry lads, I got base Cole from an icon pack 👍😭

  • Darragh Larkin
    Darragh Larkin

    I packed sissoko at the start

  • Jamie Wang
    Jamie Wang

    i have a blue hermoso

  • Controller Kings
    Controller Kings

    U should do one one with bigmacjack to help him build👍👍

  • Superknight _Ttv
    Superknight _Ttv

    Anyone know how he got 1.8k from that win

  • Jair Lemus
    Jair Lemus

    Can you do Kukuvseski future stars? I think it would be a good one

  • DRocDaGawWD_Gaming

    Is it possible if u can mention which video was shot first? To avoid spoilers

  • Huseyin Hekimoglu
    Huseyin Hekimoglu

    How tall is pie he looks about 7ft in that chair

  • Ayman Dj
    Ayman Dj

    I opened a mid or prime icon pack and i got prime inzaghi 💩

  • Deniz Kubilay
    Deniz Kubilay

    29:21 goe jomez XD

  • Sam Mnt
    Sam Mnt

    Get manny on sbsd

  • geovanny alfaro
    geovanny alfaro

    get nepenthez on this

  • Sheeko2007

    they have been talking that much Andy's ps was going to go into rest mode 3:44 lol

  • Nathan German
    Nathan German

    Marquinhos off chem, but it’s Pie so we’ll let it slide 👍

  • Kris Soccer
    Kris Soccer

    Pie is such a waffler and I love it

  • I'm an average Wolf
    I'm an average Wolf

    Wheres the sbsd cup?

  • Xex Flxmez
    Xex Flxmez

    In the last 4 sbsds I’ve watched the main player has been discarded 6 times 😂😂😂

  • Mehkai Martinez
    Mehkai Martinez

    Alexis Sanchez squad builder showdown????

  • Josh

    Lmao unluckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Massimo Stretton
    Massimo Stretton


  • Dolph Bully
    Dolph Bully

    Andy with a cam plays him as a cf

  • A Holderness88
    A Holderness88

    I dont mind watching pie cos he makes good content but its when he screams high pitch hurts my ears 😅😂😂

  • Jack Darcy
    Jack Darcy

    Day 1 of asking for BrooksyHD to be on squad builder showdown

  • Jan Gibas
    Jan Gibas

    Me when anybody discard high value cards: 😃 Me when Pie discard high value cards (again): 😰

  • Jan Gibas
    Jan Gibas

    Hi Pieee!!!!!!

  • Car Clips
    Car Clips

    Andy do a sbsd on joe hart but play him up top like pope last year. Hope he sees this

  • Ismail El Dahshan
    Ismail El Dahshan


  • Charlotte

    I unfortunately got Zanetti in my icon pack

  • NRG Gabe
    NRG Gabe

    I love pie he is such a lovely boy

  • Alvaro Garcia
    Alvaro Garcia

    7 minutes to start to the Sbsd and 9 mid rolls Jesus Christ that’s petty as hell

  • 1k subs 1 White octane giverway
    1k subs 1 White octane giverway

    Andy should to an icon player pick and how expensive it is is how much he can spend on his team. Like if a good idea

  • Ree Han
    Ree Han

    Fixxxxx for the views

  • Terraria playz
    Terraria playz

    When someone has a perfect link but doesn't use it

  • Χρήστος Πεχλεβάνης
    Χρήστος Πεχλεβάνης

    - It is Goe Jomez

  • Will Wigglesworth sim racing
    Will Wigglesworth sim racing

    That 86 veron is shiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttteeeeee

  • Grasvein _
    Grasvein _

    Why are pie screaming my ears off?

  • Yuo Ghi
    Yuo Ghi

    15:21 to 16:00 lol

  • LAblewhite

    Insert comment section voice: well Andy put Oscar from Valencia but he’s from Sevilla so that’s cheating! Grrr

  • Aaron Latta
    Aaron Latta

    Love the vids Andy keep up the good work

  • Lewis 72
    Lewis 72

    andy gives pie 3-1-4-2 but i actually use that in champs😳

  • Yousef Saad
    Yousef Saad

    do a sbsd on the new sbc sergio busquets

  • Hunta34

    Great episode of squad builder show down!!!

  • Lucas Kubat
    Lucas Kubat

    you should do a SBS with W2S on king Didier Drogba

  • Robbie Chapman
    Robbie Chapman

    Bullies pie I’m so glad Harry bullied him

  • Robbie Chapman
    Robbie Chapman

    Thinks he’s cool but he is a fool

  • RokseXD

    You win more games than you play. -PieFace 2021

  • Sathvik Swamy
    Sathvik Swamy

    Andy the cheat. sad.

  • The Daily Reed Sport
    The Daily Reed Sport

    Mate feel so bad for him, he deserved so much better didn't deserve to lose by 3 and he would of been alright not losing the Gomes

  • Ritchie Massie
    Ritchie Massie

    where’s the rage at pie