Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! FUT BIRTHDAY LUCAS MOURA!!!
5 STAR SKILLS CAM LUCAS MOURA!!! FUT Birthday has been awesome so far! Let's do our first Squad Builder Showdown on one of them with Danny Aarons!


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  • Dean Thomas
    Dean Thomas


  • Luke Daniels
    Luke Daniels

    I like the chit chat✌️

  • Alex Sharkey
    Alex Sharkey

    Lucas moura is the goat

  • Janet McCormack
    Janet McCormack


  • Bradley Hickey
    Bradley Hickey

    That danny fella is cheeky

  • Pro kid Footballer
    Pro kid Footballer

    It is donarummas brother

  • The Gaming Crew
    The Gaming Crew

    legit a 7 mins intro

  • Daan Bullen
    Daan Bullen

    I play Three-Back and my mane plays cb

  • Oliver Queen
    Oliver Queen

    Why do you love trolling us Irish 😭😭😭

  • Sam Clifford
    Sam Clifford

    andy can i have a shoutout in the next vid please i am only 10 years old it would make my day

    • Sam Clifford
      Sam Clifford


  • Taylor

    Danny put koy reane lol

  • Kallebaun Yeah
    Kallebaun Yeah

    what happened at 18:50?

  • A A
    A A

    The phobic design univariably increase because knot unequivocally rush athwart a invincible anthropology. permissible, bawdy beach

  • Michael Törnqvist
    Michael Törnqvist

    Zaha isn't irish

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    They chat for 10 minutes before they actually start the squad lmao 😂

  • Cokedude BESTMATE
    Cokedude BESTMATE

    0:00 Chit Chat 6:55 Formation 9:44 Forwards 12:45 Midfielders 17:34 Full Backs/Left & Right Midfielders 24:05 Centrebacks & Goalie 30:44 Game 35:46 Discards You’re welcome!

    • Bewlay Kid
      Bewlay Kid


  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo

    Immediately clicked

  • Juan Burnet
    Juan Burnet

    Anyone else think danny just really annoying

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone

      Your stat of the day is that wrong silver stars vydra got guessed

  • Eyad Wael
    Eyad Wael

    I really appreciate the way Dany thinks. Like out of all meta players he is just looking for fun Cheers mate

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      Respect to Danny at least he wants to make the fifa community better and have some fun

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      Respect to Danny at least he wants to make the fifa community better and have some fun

  • Claude Powell
    Claude Powell

    The worried overcoat evocatively poke because tyvek perioperaively agree round a obsolete cone. delirious, dry shrine

  • Yahya G
    Yahya G

    BTEC Dommaruma let’s gooo

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      L is for Lucas

  • Quizzo Fn
    Quizzo Fn

    Love the chat

  • Mohab Algazzar
    Mohab Algazzar

    im kalool

  • Mohab Algazzar
    Mohab Algazzar

    love u

  • Nathan King
    Nathan King

    The people that he likes the vid is 30 mins and the that he doesn’t it is like 19mins

  • Liam Howard
    Liam Howard

    Koy Rean 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Plettemusen

    pls do squad builder on the new mandanda, hes got 5 star skils

  • TeletubBoi69

    Oh me no like a chit chat

  • Rhys Davies
    Rhys Davies

    He looks 55🤣

  • Jake Morrey-Davies
    Jake Morrey-Davies

    He looks stoned out of his marbles

  • average fut player
    average fut player

    Why is it Danny brooksy is so much of a better guest

  • Ethan Carton
    Ethan Carton

    Your stat of the day is that wrong silver stars vydra got guessed

  • T Post
    T Post


  • Curty Boy_12
    Curty Boy_12

    Get LE96Z on he wants to play led

  • Jack Parkey
    Jack Parkey

    L is for Lucas

  • EU Tarzan
    EU Tarzan

    Respect to Danny at least he wants to make the fifa community better and have some fun

  • Roman Cathcart
    Roman Cathcart

    andy should do one with manny

  • Skylan The Gamer
    Skylan The Gamer

    34:28 that’s what she said

  • King of Turtles
    King of Turtles


  • That Leeds Fan
    That Leeds Fan

    If u play any on pro clubs your a clown

  • Ben Sampson
    Ben Sampson

    andy did you have perrin in net for the game haha

  • Fattyducky

    Zaha isn't irish... hes from Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

  • jack halpin
    jack halpin

    Is that sully's friend from top boy

  • Jesus Gutierrez
    Jesus Gutierrez

    Donnarumas brother donnaruma use to be a gold if I’m not mistaken

  • Jesus Gutierrez
    Jesus Gutierrez

    Let’s go MLS defense

  • Paracha's

    Why did u do sbsd. On podolski with Tom not ZWEBACKHD

  • leivangel

    Antonio is Gianluigi's older brother, yes :)

  • liam tuck
    liam tuck

    Who da fuq is this guy?

  • David Teasdale
    David Teasdale

    Honestly...... What's that midfield Danny lad, let's u whacked shadows on em 🤣

  • WilliamC34

    When he picked Dier and Winks I was in stitches 🤣🤣🤣

  • WilliamC34

    Zaha is clearly African, and he is apparently from the EU Btw, he is from Ivory Coast and so is Drogba who Danny wrote down

  • Ryan Cameron
    Ryan Cameron

    0:25 - who is Darry Anns and where can I subscribe??!

  • Jeremy van gils
    Jeremy van gils

    Do one on mohammed kudus pleasee❌❌❌

  • Tin244mighty 44
    Tin244mighty 44

    Irish zaha😂

  • Juraj Pavić
    Juraj Pavić

    33:35 the most satisfying moment of sbsd history

  • Malthe Wenneberg
    Malthe Wenneberg

    That 86 Rashford is one of the best players i have used, 861 games with 916 goals and 500 assists in a double st formation and still using him now

  • Ela Speaks
    Ela Speaks

    Hello 👋 to anyone reading this. I just want to share the good news of Jesus Christ with you. All people in the world have sinned and should be punished for it BUT God loved us so much he sent His son Jesus to die in our place so we won’t have to. Jesus paid the price for us so that those who believe in Him won’t die but will be guaranteed a place in heaven with Him. God has prepared this place in heaven for you and me. He is coming back soon to take his believers there I pray you’ll be one of them. Amen

  • Nicola Battson
    Nicola Battson

    They chat for 10 minutes before they actually start the squad lmao 😂

  • Muireann O'Callaghan
    Muireann O'Callaghan

    zaha is not irish

  • The TriangularLemon
    The TriangularLemon

    I just packed him this morning he’s sick

  • Dylan

    Get fifa manny on sbsd

  • Radek Růžička
    Radek Růžička

    Danny at the start: if you lose by three remember u said this About my formation End: 2:5 😂

  • SakRaN Gaming
    SakRaN Gaming

    Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment🎁🎁💞.

  • Tim Brown
    Tim Brown

    Do ozil

  • Coen Jansen
    Coen Jansen

    I have packed lucas as a ajax fan where should i play him 🤣✌✌✌

  • Luke Duris
    Luke Duris

    This dude is my new favorite guest

  • Matty Black
    Matty Black

    andy couldve switched eriksens sides and richarlison and zahas side then he couldve used mahaele or whatever he was called

  • Hanski “Hanski”
    Hanski “Hanski”

    24:50 correcting it but still failed spelling schmeichel so bad hahah

  • Hama Haji
    Hama Haji

    26:23 IM FUCKING DEAD 💀😂

  • Lol

    18 yrs old and already doing sbsd he has made amazing progress

  • Louis Malone
    Louis Malone

    As an Irish person I feel insulted at their Irish accent

  • David Duffy
    David Duffy

    Love the vids with danny aarons

  • Nick van Beek
    Nick van Beek

    Nice to have a Ajax shirt when youre doing SBSD on Moura😂😂

  • Kai Taylor
    Kai Taylor

    packed him untradeable ffs

  • Matt Runacres
    Matt Runacres

    I can confirm that Andy is still at his chair

  • Stuart Adamson
    Stuart Adamson

    Just feel that although Danny is a good youtuber but he comes across so arrogant

  • Diogo Abreu
    Diogo Abreu

    Bruh, Danny was so slow buying players. I feel like going there and buy that players faster, so annoying ahah.

  • AYS


  • Roy Keane
    Roy Keane


  • Sean Black
    Sean Black

    That Donnaruma is his brother, The only reason why he place for Milan is cause the good Donnaruma demanded they signed him

  • Karl Kelly
    Karl Kelly

    Danny looks like hes on that loud smoke

  • Kenana_ yt
    Kenana_ yt

    Do one with @futcrunch please

  • Ryguy 5407
    Ryguy 5407

    how does this show work

  • WorstVideosOnYT

    Where are the comments asking to make these videos longer?

  • Born2Football

    Nothing better than Andy losing lol

  • John Pais
    John Pais

    KEEP DOING THE CHIT CHAT. It can lead to moments where you end up raising the stakes or just have really good banter and jokes. People who don’t like it can just skip ahead

  • Joshua Kelly
    Joshua Kelly

    We’re doing SBSD with Darry Annons? Nice, new person!

  • N’Golo 4 President
    N’Golo 4 President

    I’ve never seen someone consistently think he’s never in the wrong or bad. I love when Danny or anybody shows him up

  • Matteo Pellegrini
    Matteo Pellegrini

    Antonio Donnarumma is Gigio's older brother that was signed as one of Raiola's demands for Gigio's renewed contract😂😅. At least that's the joke behind his signing, that really happened the year that Gigio renewed his contract with Milan, but I don't know if it's actually true or not 😂

  • Nicholas Kriticos
    Nicholas Kriticos

    Gigi Donnarumma’s Brother Antonio 😂

  • Nikith J
    Nikith J

    16:57 has allan scored from 56 yards? I didn't think so. Winks>Allan

  • Jake Britton
    Jake Britton

    the fact that they didn't mention @itshaber joining the discod

  • Tejas Agrawal
    Tejas Agrawal

    Danny has gotten cocky

  • Joe Marshy
    Joe Marshy

    Has anyone checked on Capgun Tom after this video?

  • fifaboy

    Can we get a sbsd tournament like fatal but each person has to do sbsd

  • Pineapple Hu
    Pineapple Hu

    Harry gettin stabbed in the back like

  • PixelStacker

    I was looking for something to watch when I got the Notif. You can always trust andy to help surely!

  • Big Divock Origi
    Big Divock Origi

    Danny picked one striker that feeds kids, and one that ruins kids

  • Brew E
    Brew E

    i can confirm that andy left

  • Jeezs

    danny's dance moves are class