GUARANTEED WHAT IF SBC!!! Fifa 21 What If Pack And Play
WE PACK A HUGE WHAT IF PLAYER!!! Fifa 21 Guaranteed What If SBC Pack And Play


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  • Tom Williams
    Tom Williams

    Andy I was just watching this and I know I’m late to the party but when you said king kazu played Tetris instead of fifa I almost died hahahahah it’s those gems that make me love the content

  • Edna Adepa
    Edna Adepa


  • SeAn TheGamer
    SeAn TheGamer


  • Amanda O'Donnell
    Amanda O'Donnell

    Here's an idea for sbsd if u lose and the other person guesses the marquee player you should have a choice between donating a certain amount to a charity or discarding the player

  • Patrick Sabella
    Patrick Sabella

    andy with another amazing video keep up the good content

  • Richard Felstead
    Richard Felstead

    Just an idea for this or SBSD. Goals count double if scored by the marque player? Maybe spin a wheel to decide with y,n,y,n,y,n etc. But trampy goals don't count 🤣 A hatrick with marque player gets u an extta discard at the end?

  • Stevie P
    Stevie P

    The new multi-hop formerly prefer because east histopathologically promise under a fanatical mole. confused, puffy call

  • Holmes96

    RossiHD definitely created pack n play

  • Ethan Pamon
    Ethan Pamon

    Got papu Gomez dub?

  • wild-de-beast 254
    wild-de-beast 254

    So why is there no SBSD anymore 🤔

  • Bailey Sutherland
    Bailey Sutherland

    6thk like

  • Barry Oleary
    Barry Oleary

    James’ laugh makes me smile also keep up the great content guys

  • alessandro


  • Niiket Shah
    Niiket Shah

    Hey Andy, just a suggestion on what you could do next on SBSD, maybe a POTM 96 rated CF Messi/87 rated What If Cristian Tello(RM). Both look sick, to be honest. You can also do it on 93 rated Flashback Tony Kroos? Edit: Just got him btw from SBCs

  • BakedBobby Yh
    BakedBobby Yh

    James is a drip lol who looks like your typical gamer geek asian

  • adar lowenheim
    adar lowenheim

    Miura and I share a birthday apparently, that's really cool!

  • lil kian
    lil kian

    Ronaldinho is younger

  • Jason Lamb
    Jason Lamb

    7 strikers in one pack 😂

  • Olivierandco Gaming
    Olivierandco Gaming

    Am i the only one who gets mad cause he didn’t fix the positions entirely

  • RubenGg 26pt
    RubenGg 26pt

    6:50 how dare u james, ilicic is a machine at cam :-)

  • Exotic Juice box
    Exotic Juice box

    5:28 when he said 45 the clock switched to 45😳

  • Nikhil Patel
    Nikhil Patel

    Why does the pitch look grey rather than green

  • Daniel Foley
    Daniel Foley

    i got chris smalling in a 81+

  • liam bates
    liam bates

    Andy let James know his poster is falling off

  • Shane S
    Shane S

    James joking about Squad building Showdown, whens there's actually a guy already plagiarising SBSD

  • Gerardine Doorley
    Gerardine Doorley

    i just hope james packs richrlison from the pack im omly 20 seconds in

  • Evertonian 1878
    Evertonian 1878


  • fluids

    Thought James said he was quitting 😂

  • Luka Deme
    Luka Deme

    you have to do a squad builder showdown on what if Richarlison

  • Thierry Boucher
    Thierry Boucher

    Sidemen did pack and play on fifa 15 soooo... yeah I don’t think James is the creator

    • Ariane Clarke
      Ariane Clarke

      It’s called a joke bud

  • The Gaming Boi
    The Gaming Boi

    Kazu Miura is playing with Ansu Fati... Ansu is almost young enough to be his grandson😂

    • Louis Doyle
      Louis Doyle

      I’d say he is young enough to be his grandson 😂 say he had a kid 18, and then that kid he has goes on to also have a kid at 18, I know it doesn’t line up with Kazu’s age but you get the idea 😂

  • Bottoms Geri
    Bottoms Geri

    The spotted bus frequently consist because step-daughter literally strap lest a economic branch. real, glistening glorious fear

  • Ryan Tahbaz
    Ryan Tahbaz

    andy + clock at 5:29 🤭

  • Adrian

    «Haaland is bad» *Angry Norwegian noises*

  • JW28

    Dr. James is no more. Good for him. I think he is a high quality youtuber/streamer.

  • BossStar -
    BossStar -

    We want good teams

  • Lehvin RaJ
    Lehvin RaJ

    5:28 mindfuck

  • Nopity

    I like the player pick because its like pick your poison most horrible because its ea


    I love how his description still says fifa 20 content

  • yoyo toto
    yoyo toto

    my respect went down when he added this stupid 84 if in st

  • jimmy 147
    jimmy 147

    Pack and play is James' SBSD

  • Noah Omarion
    Noah Omarion

    james quited sadly

  • Ryan Williamson
    Ryan Williamson

    I bet you don’t answer this comment!!

  • Hamlet

    I got Pepe from my guaranteed what if pack RIP

  • Shane

    This was before he quit

  • ItsJames

    I still had hair in this

    • Cokedude BESTMATE
      Cokedude BESTMATE

      @RiseDT who wants to tell him

    • Bomberko4


    • Pidaras Pidaras
      Pidaras Pidaras

      James why do you hate Haaland

    • Vinstar Playz
      Vinstar Playz

      Yes, yes you did

    • Dylan Roach
      Dylan Roach

      @Joe Awofala They were joking about James creating it are you dumb

  • Ben McNutt
    Ben McNutt

    Credit to James, took a lot of bravery to go youtube full-time. Especially when being a doctor would pay more.

  • Being Selfzz
    Being Selfzz

    5:28 " B I G B R A I N "

  • Jake Lacy
    Jake Lacy

    Andy sat here knowing that SBSD is the best fifa series on SVsoft and will remain the best

  • Luke Stanford
    Luke Stanford

    Miura needs a record breaker card

  • Issac Cox
    Issac Cox

    do a fut champs rewards pack and play

  • jordan russell
    jordan russell

    All my Respect goes out to James, hope he’s doing well😁

  • he fix it
    he fix it

    I don't have the fodder for the sbc 😭😭

  • Mahmoudmn🐐

    It would be better to open 2 what if packs and each one of you get a different marquee player

  • Ryan Talley
    Ryan Talley

    He made an Algeria pun. He packs Mahrez, then says,”not getting one Atal”

  • Liam Jenkins
    Liam Jenkins


  • Timothy Bent
    Timothy Bent

    I got Grifo from mine 😑😑😑

  • Lyx Roten
    Lyx Roten

    Ffs andy, both of you should do what if packs, not both the same player...

  • Liam Jenkins
    Liam Jenkins


  • Liam Jenkins
    Liam Jenkins


  • Reg Inald
    Reg Inald

    James’s laugh


    Can wait to see Chris Smalling in every squad builder showdown from now on

  • Jtv Golf
    Jtv Golf

    James that’s a great idea squad builder showdown. Wow why did no one think of that

  • Vito Doktore
    Vito Doktore

    I don't like Pack and plays where they only got 11 players for the squad, it ruins all the creativity in creating a team

  • timihari

    didn't other people do pack&plays years before james even became a youtuber?

  • Matthew Wren
    Matthew Wren


  • Ryan Munro
    Ryan Munro

    James. What happened to your hair !!! Its returned hahaha

  • Jan

    I thought James was quitting!!

    • Aaron Burton
      Aaron Burton

      He left his job at the nhs.

    • timihari

      he already quit

  • Charles Barnett
    Charles Barnett

    Me and my friend played pack and play and it was so fun lolololol

    • Charles Barnett
      Charles Barnett

      He almost discarded my varane which I got from a 75+ we both opened one 🤣🤷

  • Joshua Watts
    Joshua Watts

    I hope James gets on well after quitting SVsoft. One of my favourite guests man, sad times ;(

    • Lui Richards
      Lui Richards

      he’s not quitting youtube he’s quitting being a doctor to do youtube

  • Ashley P
    Ashley P

    5:25 the clock changes to 45 as Andy says 45 🤣

  • Miguel Trejo
    Miguel Trejo

    De Roon Shaqiri-storm

  • JuJu Show
    JuJu Show

    When Andy didn’t realize he packed pizckeck or however you spell his name

    • R Brennan
      R Brennan

      He can only take 1 person from each pack so he took haaland

  • Wolf Boss Gaming
    Wolf Boss Gaming

    Smalling is about to upgrade to 90

  • Aidan Smith
    Aidan Smith

    Andy’s defense looking like Liverpool’s

  • Gilberto Hernandez
    Gilberto Hernandez

    Andy the snake

  • Alek Saravia
    Alek Saravia

    andy could have played Pizcek at CB

  • George Swarbrick
    George Swarbrick

    Lol when James said he would take Marcelo or Jovic I heard “I would take Marcelo or your bitch” 😂😂😂😂

  • PTM

    I opened the pack and got pereira...I now have three of them and they are all the worst...Marcelo, Pepe, and pereira 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • w2s

    This guy needs a Oscar for his effort to Me these sick vids

  • tate anderson
    tate anderson

    Andy can you do another SBSD tournament? I loved seeing people other than you playing against each other back in the day. I guess that might sound kinda mean, I just meant it added a bit of variety to SBSD and was fun to watch

  • S4H

    I got Kante 😄

  • Ynysygerwn Tv
    Ynysygerwn Tv

    I thought James quit SVsoft????

    • Aaron Burton
      Aaron Burton

      He quit his job at the nhs

  • slimy pickle
    slimy pickle

    The moment when u pack piczek but don’t realize....Andy.......same pack as håland

  • ChunkAFunk

    im chunky yet funky.

  • Giesie Gaming
    Giesie Gaming

    What If James actually played on his guitar in the background for a video instead of just using it as background... Petition?

    • timihari

      pretty sure he already did that, I think he uploaded an original song on his channel

  • QuackersTV

    I know this is scummy so I apologise in advance but if anyone has a sec to give me some feedback on my thumbnails and editing and how you think I could improve it would be amazing if you seriously. I know I’m probably annoying but I’m just trying to be the best SVsoftr I can be. Hope you all have a great day!

  • Edward Todd
    Edward Todd

    Guys it is my birthday and there is a pack and play andy giving me a present 🎁

  • Will Morris
    Will Morris

    Just here to support James

  • Emil Lindmark
    Emil Lindmark

    Tetris is a great game and I will not hear the slander coming out of Andy's mouth. I shall stand my ground.

  • Matthew Rennie
    Matthew Rennie

    A few guest I would love on sbsd twosync mcjell manny miniminter I think would all be good and make good episodes

  • Jake Gould
    Jake Gould

    Is it just me that finds the pick 1 player from a pack thing boring

  • Artie Lucke
    Artie Lucke

    That Moira is older than my dad

  • Salman Khalid
    Salman Khalid

    i wonder when what if richarlison is coming out

  • Oxay On PS4
    Oxay On PS4

    Who’s here after James quit 🥺

  • Zonicfifa

    I got sancho in my what if pack

  • Will07Yoda

    I did the what if and got the only what if player I already had and they were both untradable

  • Jxyd3n07

    Watched live soo funny

  • Ryan Wilkinson
    Ryan Wilkinson

    Let him dream Andy lol

  • George Bateman
    George Bateman

    i opened two 81+ doubles and got mane and bernardo silva. bargain.