Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! TEAM OF THE SEASON HAALAND!!!
Erling Haaland is one of the best young footballers in the world, and has and UNREAL TOTS FOR US TO DO SBSD ON!!!


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  • Vp Aizen
    Vp Aizen

    Why don't we see AJ3 ever in Jack's videos?

  • Leander Ng
    Leander Ng

    How to say haaland: its the sound you say in loan, it’s like hoaland

  • Leehughes17

    Just me gunna notice jack packed a tots at the end

  • somebody once told me
    somebody once told me

    Team of the season Gnabry.

  • SFitzy7

    New bedroom looks nice Andy

  • Emyli Ava
    Emyli Ava

    The somber message erroneously prefer because tornado accordingly zip round a safe thrill. plucky, harsh ant

  • Emyli Ava
    Emyli Ava

    The wandering thrill theoretically strengthen because greek naively knock apropos a glossy pan. exultant, calculating news

  • Jaqui Speight
    Jaqui Speight


  • TheTeddyMaster 123
    TheTeddyMaster 123

    7:04 read the first letter of every player and tell me it isn’t sus

  • That Ross Fella
    That Ross Fella

    Get Cani sports on

  • Podwer

    Is there anyone more dumb than Jack, really wished he could be swapped with someone as a regular

  • Arsenide Music
    Arsenide Music

    Everyone else: WAMMAAAAAAAAAAAN Simon: Wamun

  • Josh Cairns
    Josh Cairns

    If ever i want confirmation i've made the right decision to no longer play Fifa i'll watch a Jack v Andy video

  • SYCO Cubn
    SYCO Cubn

    TGF isn’t brummy 😂😂😂

  • The Bigboy66
    The Bigboy66

    Lol Andy looking like a pigeon at the start of the video bahaha

  • Jack Whitfield
    Jack Whitfield

    Who doesn't love the illiteration of the kkk

  • Jack Scully
    Jack Scully

    Andy doesn’t half know how to kill a joke

  • rozilla

    7:04 hold up

  • Desch 22
    Desch 22

    AJ3 sounds like Swiper The Fox when he laughed when he guessed Digne😂😂😂

  • Vision Zentix
    Vision Zentix

    7:07 : ‘kkk’ I’m a bad person 😂

  • Noa Vet it
    Noa Vet it

    Foffana, la croix and smeichal?

  • Nathan Dragisich
    Nathan Dragisich

    Everytime I watch fifa gameplay I am happy I stopped playing this game months ago

  • Noa Vet it
    Noa Vet it

    Where is harry hesketh

  • Penguin Playz
    Penguin Playz

    Fun Fact : If your player has 1 soft link and 2 dead links out of 3, they get 8 chem with loyalty and Manager chem

  • Robert Jolly
    Robert Jolly


  • Jack O neill (Ejoneill2)
    Jack O neill (Ejoneill2)

    Plz do a sbsd with danny aarons and plz do the thing u did with reev when u could see his screen and discard his wamanigatuka and if he plays jessie lingard discard him too

  • Reshirex


  • damian kelsall
    damian kelsall

    you shouldn’t be allowed to put the discarded player into an sbc you was going to do anyways like jack did, he used allison as fodder and didn’t even lose anything

    • Erlend K Christiansen
      Erlend K Christiansen

      Disagree. I think it is so much better this way. Putting a 91 IF in a 84 rated team is overkill anyway and it makes the content creators get a bigger variety of players so it is better for future episodes.

  • Ian Wilson
    Ian Wilson

    Just me that sits and waits for these daily

  • Justin Van kolfschoten
    Justin Van kolfschoten

    Do you know the sonk???

  • svanik batra
    svanik batra

    7:05 KKK??? Andy is moving mad rah.

  • Plonk Poop
    Plonk Poop

    Nikate wasn’t on full chem 😱😱

  • Ingvar

    Drinking game: take a shot every time Jack says "a bit of"

  • Kelvin

    Jack are you a book? Because everyone reads you.

  • CH4oTiC RaCoOn
    CH4oTiC RaCoOn

    The way jack said A caster

  • Liam WM
    Liam WM

    All the memes and lines in this series Andy just steals from Itani hahaha

  • Jack Hicks
    Jack Hicks

    How dare you rip on tgf

  • George Bradshaw
    George Bradshaw

    Imagine the real life midfield of kaka kimmich and kante or there well known abbreviation, the KKK 😂

  • ACE

    hows andy gonna diss the Japanese gullit and the Japanese pele in the same sentence 😤

  • Ishay Haim
    Ishay Haim

    7:05 the face and the letters, ooh Andy you're just begging for it

  • NL Banjo
    NL Banjo

    14:00 I think he confused Aurier and Doherty

  • André

    jack knows! james acaster is great. how do you not know him? a legend here in norway.

  • JoshW 404
    JoshW 404

    Hi Andy, please could you do a squad builder showdown on POTM Lingard?

  • Max Forshaw
    Max Forshaw

    Andy wanted to keep the alliteration 👀👀

  • Daniel McHale
    Daniel McHale

    Is it just me or was anyone else devosteted that we didn’t see jacks pack😦😦

  • Vucic

    Andy is the funniest youtuber 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐 love the jokes and puns 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

  • Talha

    Games against jack are always the funniest 😂. Great play style gattuso and souness would be proud of you

  • Bob Sagit
    Bob Sagit

    I liked the video just because of the song for haaland ... looool ive seen it before thank youuu mate sooo funny

  • PESS1R

    We need a TOTS waman

  • dan bateman
    dan bateman

    they dont say waman right. needs to be with more passion and unnessercary aggression

  • Mariyam Patel
    Mariyam Patel

    Wht dud jack get in his pack

  • Nate

    Andy secretly part of the kkk

  • Manchester United for life
    Manchester United for life

    Do a Manchester sbsd like You can only use players from teams with Manchester in the name

  • Victor

    Jack just randomly packing a TOTS at the end of the Epi

  • MdeProductions

    8:36 Andy kkk

  • Ethan Watson
    Ethan Watson

    My second name is Watson and I’m from Carlisle

  • Reiss Robbison Hunte
    Reiss Robbison Hunte

    kaka, kimmich, kante...andy that looks awfully like KKK...hmmm

  • Freedom For all
    Freedom For all

    Like the subtly there aj you cheeky goose with the kaka kante kimmich ;)

  • Alireza Massoud
    Alireza Massoud

    WHEN IS ANDY GONNA USE R9!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • NL Banjo
    NL Banjo

    Nakata isn’t the worst icon on the game

  • DDVB_Plays

    Yay the one good TOTS I have got him from the 85+ bundesliga pp

  • Adlan Rashdan
    Adlan Rashdan


  • Mc Nuggs
    Mc Nuggs

    Andy needs to stop the dodgy jokes...

  • Bepeh Amama
    Bepeh Amama

    do the fut champs vid!

  • PlattinumTBN11

    Don’t disrespect the Japanese Pele mate

  • The Man
    The Man

    Three k’s all together Andy????

  • Hutchy

    kaka , kante and kimmich (KKK) coincidence i think not

  • vivek

    you used nkunkuuuuuu yesssssssssss

  • Hotpog

    HAALAND HAALAND HAALAND BLUH BLUH BLUH BLUH BLUH....oh they saidnitnas i typed it lmao

  • Caspian Alexander
    Caspian Alexander

    That are some real boomer vibes in the start

  • Ben Gardner
    Ben Gardner

    Why’s he sitting so high

  • Vito

    Andy is my favourite SVsoftr and James Acaster is my favourite comedian 🤗

  • dillon faull
    dillon faull

    Andy insulting Tottenham fans

  • bradley milligan
    bradley milligan

    Just waiting on SBSD of waman with Danny to be honest

  • Kilbane David
    Kilbane David

    ha champions league sissoko

  • Ka0s Team
    Ka0s Team

    Just realised that Andy midfield pick all started with k. There were 3 of them 😳

  • Benedek Matolcsi
    Benedek Matolcsi

    Jack just bottling it for himself as usual….

  • Flynn

    racism 8:46

  • Kieran Whitton-Booth
    Kieran Whitton-Booth

    Wow @dannyaarons will be so proud, that was one of the most WAMANNNNN moments I’ve ever seen.

  • GB

    cant believe Jack didnt know who meslier was, does he not watch the prem? he literally is Leeds first choice GK

  • Keat0n07

    Andy use your r9

  • Kai W-Hardy
    Kai W-Hardy

    The optimal idea naively start because asphalt initially chase underneath a interesting sagittarius. tidy, witty sauce

  • Ben Scholes
    Ben Scholes

    Ermmm I may be an offender of putting tots haaland in the icon pack and getting 91 chech 😭

  • Max Savage
    Max Savage

    Can you play fifa mate

  • ツSinister

    FUT Champs but I’m a terrible player with the best cards

  • lTos Fury
    lTos Fury

    James Acaster is a comedy genius though

  • ross donnelly
    ross donnelly

    I thought all players had to be 10 chem unless it’s goal keeper his cb is only on 7 chem ??

  • Gavin H29
    Gavin H29

    james acaster is my fav you gotta watch him

  • Christian Pierro
    Christian Pierro

    7:09 bro secretly telling us he’s in the KKK

  • Gamer Boi69
    Gamer Boi69

    This is a very Danny Arron’s sbsd

  • Kristian Tzama
    Kristian Tzama

    just waiting for the waman sbsd with danny now

  • Frankie Rogan
    Frankie Rogan

    Andy: Has the slightest inconvenience in the game Andy: ARE YOU JOKING ME ?!??! THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE JOKE

  • J L
    J L


  • Christian hession
    Christian hession

    Jacks chair is sus😏


    7:53 Am I the only one concerned about the first letters of each name

    • jack mh
      jack mh

      literally every 3 comments is

  • Sam Harris
    Sam Harris

    Haalands pace is the same as his rating on EVERY card. Mental

  • David Hughes
    David Hughes

    Where Andy chats utter shit ur the home team that ping is ur connection

  • RGS TwiXy
    RGS TwiXy


  • KieranB123

    I never knew Andy had a new house, he should have mentioned it

  • Juan Joy
    Juan Joy

    Andy watches carwow that’s awesome I’m from the US and I watch him to lol 😝