Our first Fifa 21 TOTS Pack And Play and my pack luck was AMAZING!!!!


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  • Zac Newton
    Zac Newton

    Are you sad a pigeon players for Everton (richarlason)


    Oakel looked so miserable in this vid, just me?

  • Harvey Tedder
    Harvey Tedder

    Am I the only one who doesn’t see Andy pack kimpebe Itami the 2nd.CHEATER

  • Connor R
    Connor R

    What's the point in the game afterwards? It always goes the same way against Oakley.

  • Lil Printer Paper
    Lil Printer Paper

    Oakley just seems sad

  • Footba11boy26

    Oakley paying for the more expensive worse ings card tho

  • Connor R
    Connor R

    Where is the ronaldo pack?!!!!!!

  • George Phillip
    George Phillip

    Oakelfish is so boring jesus christ😭

  • tommy Garry
    tommy Garry

    Oakely is so annoying all he does is complain and there is no fun when he’s talking

  • Abtin M.
    Abtin M.

    OaKlEy Is A cHeAtEr. He SaId ThAt He PlAyEd 433(4), BuT hE wAs AcTuAlLy PlAyInG 433(3)

  • Gayatri Vaishampayan
    Gayatri Vaishampayan


  • Connor Judge
    Connor Judge

    The Rafinha u packed isn’t brothers with the one that plays for PSG, the PSG player is brothers with Thiago at Liverpool

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • ioannis koumis
    ioannis koumis

    Andy packed moments r9 in his attacker icon

  • dansmusicproduction

    Rafinha for psg is thiago brother not that rafinha 😂😂😂😂

  • ryan thomson
    ryan thomson

    Should’ve went Jota at CAM and Barnes at LW

  • Wanderers ‘till I die
    Wanderers ‘till I die

    Gotta love Diogo Joe-ta

  • Tyler D
    Tyler D

    Oakelfish gives about 20% to anyone else’s video!!!

  • Sean Woods Abulu
    Sean Woods Abulu

    Oakly is so boring

  • Dan Ger
    Dan Ger

    Oakley often looks like there's nowhere he'd least like to be than on these fifa vids

  • no one likes dublin
    no one likes dublin

    Imagine not playing with the creator

  • ben alexander
    ben alexander

    how long before a digne sbsd

  • Fxl_yt

    I mean maybe he will get jota back from quick sell recovery HE SHOULD HAVE PUT THEM IN A SBC

  • Indian Boy
    Indian Boy

    Man sounds like he always has a blocked nose

  • Deathlxrd

    Andy vs Harry on TOTS moments you know who 👀

  • kingstyle strike
    kingstyle strike

    Plsss someone explain how it works lol

  • Emil Junker
    Emil Junker

    Oakley saying he won’t score that, even though he’s one goal down, knowing damn well he wouldn’t be able to score that, and then demanding the ball back. Comedy gold 🤣

  • Elvis Balukcic
    Elvis Balukcic

    Lol lucac swap for jorinho and u get chem for rafinja ingame swap

  • CRAIG Fraser
    CRAIG Fraser

    Why does okeli look so pissed off all the time

  • collin (cvd)
    collin (cvd)

    Could've gone for my nan for better chem even tho he hasn't got a tots

  • Jack Swales
    Jack Swales

    this is the luckiest pack and play ive ever seen!

  • Alexander Marevski
    Alexander Marevski

    We are waiting for the tots moments digne sbsd

  • Kaden Butler
    Kaden Butler

    Do a video on tots Ndombele

  • zigg لا
    zigg لا

    13:12 I’m glad he said Australian instead of nz what Harry said.

  • Abood Jarrah
    Abood Jarrah

    i cant wait till the vid where Andy packs R9

  • Haydn Wilkinson
    Haydn Wilkinson

    I thinks James's squad from the rule breaker reus is luckier

  • Katlego Mariri
    Katlego Mariri

    Please tell Oakley to stop looking like a constipated nun when he is angry

  • Katlego Mariri
    Katlego Mariri

    We are waiting for R9 Andy

  • Harry To
    Harry To

    Why was Oakley so depressed and low in this video, usually very energetic, hope he's well

    • i J Ust S HiT mY PanTs
      i J Ust S HiT mY PanTs

      He died

    • Marci \_[-_-]_/
      Marci \_[-_-]_/

      I think he always keeps it rather low key and quite, probably just concentrating on the game

  • Edgar Jr Escoto
    Edgar Jr Escoto

    Oakley’s “principles” are just dumb 😂

  • Sayed Aaqil
    Sayed Aaqil

    That 86 Danny Ings would have been better

  • jake lewis
    jake lewis

    Am I the only one confused on why Andy picked raphinia (gk) over wieser (rb) in his last pack when he needed a rb 🤣🤣

  • Ed Whiting
    Ed Whiting

    So annoying that Oakley hasn’t played 433 to get the link from Hughes to Aaron’s.

  • Seán O'Braonain
    Seán O'Braonain

    Oakley brings the shittest energy to videos with Andy idk what it is he just doesn’t want to be there or some needs to liven up 🤦🏼‍♂️

    • Seán O'Braonain
      Seán O'Braonain

      @Shreyas Narayanan it’s everytime I swear

    • Shreyas Narayanan
      Shreyas Narayanan

      He seemed so pissed even with the better team

  • Ostetoast

    I can only think of one pack and play more lucky than this one... r9

  • Timitas Plays
    Timitas Plays

    Am I bugging or did Andy have one pack left and just never opened it??

  • Isaac

    I’m a Norwich fan and I’m just happy that we had some representation in a video

    • ethan Botwright
      ethan Botwright

      Yes come on the yellows

  • Im Gxdzl
    Im Gxdzl

    cant wait for the digne sbsd

  • Ben

    did no one realise oakel was in the 443[3] and he said he was in the 433[4] starting to be like itani the cheat hahaha

  • Aaron Sadler
    Aaron Sadler

    Another episode of stinky squads

  • BobbyDazzler 321
    BobbyDazzler 321

    “There’s no guaranteed tots sbc out yet” the day it uploads: *GUARANTEED COMMUNITY TOTS PACK GETS RELEASED*

  • Archie Clements
    Archie Clements

    Matt Jay the 🐐🐐🐐 was waiting to see an appearance from him. Utc ⚪️🔴

  • Blair Gauthier
    Blair Gauthier

    Will Grigg on 🔥 you gotta do a sbsd on him!!!!

  • Ka0s Team
    Ka0s Team

    Oakley should’ve gone 433(4) to get cancelo on full chem

  • Phillip Revheim
    Phillip Revheim

    When are you dropping the video when you packed moments R9?

  • Jack Zroix
    Jack Zroix

    Rafinha is not brother of rafinha in ligue 1. Ligue 1 rafinha is brother of thiago alcantara

  • Nsndjs Snndhs
    Nsndjs Snndhs

    Andy you had to much coffees? So annoying on this episode stop going on about your team even oakly getting annoyed

  • Luis Roberto De Yta Castrejon
    Luis Roberto De Yta Castrejon

    As always oaks losing to andy and fuming during match

  • blackeroni

    Not to be rude but oaklefish seems so grumpy in all these and like he doesn’t like aj3

  • Bobby Smith
    Bobby Smith

    Next time Andy does sbsd against Harry they should play it on the survival game mode to give Andy more chance 😅

  • Little John
    Little John

    I’d have swapped to 433 Barnes lw Reece James in the centre and jota on left for strong link to cancelo

  • jack ryan
    jack ryan

    POV: you clicked this thinking it was the one where he packed R9

  • AD Figo7
    AD Figo7

    Andy you cant just steal james‘ series

  • MN Arrayyan
    MN Arrayyan

    He changed the thumbnail What a legend

  • syed zaidi
    syed zaidi

    “mate my pack luck has been amazing” later: Andy: BRAZIL james: nO Andy: STRIKER! OH MY G- james: OH MY GOD andy: *screams* *seizure* *aneurism* james: NO katie: *hoover*

  • The Hazo's Channel
    The Hazo's Channel

    6:40, why didn’t Andy take Perisic and upgrade to his fut birthday?!

  • David Lima
    David Lima

    banger vid

  • Stepan Posnov
    Stepan Posnov

    We just gonna let him get away with 19:50 .🙁

  • fifa legend 2022
    fifa legend 2022

    Havent slept in 20 hours Me thinking im seeing things but it was james in the thumbnail 1 hour later i see oaklee in thumbnail and thought i was seeing james then i looked at the comments haha

  • Nico Dormant
    Nico Dormant

    James on a madness

  • abzzy bhana
    abzzy bhana

    Can we see the prime R9 video

  • Matt Britnell
    Matt Britnell

    Anyone know the name of the song from the music that starts at 12.41?

  • Monster Skyline
    Monster Skyline

    I work at the LNER for Lincoln City, and have met grant haha, even have a pic with Harry Anderson from Lincoln in my staff gear

  • conor Mchenry
    conor Mchenry

    Congrats on packing moments r9 mate

  • Gloom _ Declan
    Gloom _ Declan

    Andy packed R9 look at his insta

  • Gloom _ Declan
    Gloom _ Declan

    Andy packed R9 look at his insta

  • Jee Jee
    Jee Jee

    Oakley should have play Jota inform as cm/cam and buy harvey barnes lw and then he's team would have been cracked

  • Gloom _ Declan
    Gloom _ Declan

    Andy packed R9 on his insta

    • Gloom _ Declan
      Gloom _ Declan

      Not joking

  • Yes

    He picked Maddison instead of Reece James

  • Tobias Vassallo
    Tobias Vassallo

    Why doesn’t Andy check his duplicates??

  • Kaneki O.C Uchiha
    Kaneki O.C Uchiha

    Cant wait for the R9 SBSD with Bateson or Manny

  • Cakey

    It’s James... wait.

  • SmashJelly FC
    SmashJelly FC

    Oakel should've done: 4-3-3(3) Barnes - Ings - Mahrez Rakitic - Jota - James Acuna - Djene - Aarons - Cancelo Krul

  • Ollie Broderick
    Ollie Broderick

    Here before the James thumbnail has been changed

  • Yo6 Uiou
    Yo6 Uiou

    I see.... James gained some weight while opening these packs. Btw love ur vids

  • ReallyMNMs

    Why James on the thumbnail?

  • Sajjan Bhave
    Sajjan Bhave

    More mystery ball!!!

  • OB1_3636

    You should do a episode where you play full chem so you can pick the best player everytime

  • Raayan Dhall
    Raayan Dhall

    nah mate it isn't the luckiest your next one with actual James is gonna be

  • Matthew Mellor
    Matthew Mellor

    James’ new haircut is crazy

  • Luca Hearn
    Luca Hearn

    Anyone else just feel like andy has to carry the conversation with Oakley

  • Aanand Daryanani
    Aanand Daryanani

    James looks different today

  • bryan

    28:11 he wasnt playing 433(4) lol

    • bryan

      doesnt make much of a difference but how do you miss the formation when its right on the screen

  • Banana King
    Banana King

    Remember last video you said you wanted a digne well....

  • twenty

    I stg Oakley always looks dead inside

  • Liverpool10

    Tom : It's a perfect link

  • 2ZEK

    BuT AnDY YoU Can’t Do PAcK And PLaY With OAKley When IT IS James’ SerIes

  • M_ Rws
    M_ Rws

    Oakelyfish discarded Ivan rakitic who is discard value

  • Future Trunks
    Future Trunks

    Bro I'm so buzzing! When will the video with your (I won't spoiler) incredible pack you posted on Instagram?

  • Tharish Ravin Ranjit
    Tharish Ravin Ranjit

    Where is itsjames?