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  • Alexx

    Reev looks depressed idk why

  • françois de Clauzade
    françois de Clauzade

    2:01 ahahahah

  • BestGoalkeeper 1
    BestGoalkeeper 1

    Kribs sucks

  • Thomas Schrama
    Thomas Schrama

    Loving these discards 😂❤

  • Callum CjHAM44
    Callum CjHAM44

    25:54 - respect the evil laugh Andy.

  • Connorules619

    Big up Andy giving Super statto a shout out for his gyfi agenda

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious


  • Dan G
    Dan G

    I'm getting de ja vu vibes, kirbz did this up to the fullbacks

  • Dan G
    Dan G

    Had fotmob for abt 2 years or however andy has partnered it is very sick

  • Elliott Smith
    Elliott Smith

    Why didn’t you do Tom he packed him on the RTG

  • Julian d'Ambra
    Julian d'Ambra

    mate mate mate mate

  • Soldier-2047

    Josh:puts one striker for a guess AJ3:Dimaria,Ben Yeder and Neymar

  • Leo Crawford
    Leo Crawford

    Scottish people dont sound like that they sound normal

  • Steve Maxo
    Steve Maxo

    Got to laugh at the coming home chat.

  • BeenWavySinceA Baby
    BeenWavySinceA Baby

    Aw a do love how cocky England are 😂 if u canny beat Scotland ur shite 😭😭

  • Jm Kiwi
    Jm Kiwi

    Please dont ever invite this guy he is really annoying

  • Edgar Jr Escoto
    Edgar Jr Escoto

    12:54. Wtf was that weird ass laugh

  • Dion Barry
    Dion Barry

    drink every time kirbz says mate

  • Руся Русланов
    Руся Русланов

    If England win the Euros with that dead playstyle....

  • Julian _
    Julian _

    Bro just stop always smiling in the camera. Fk annoying

  • Rayen veerman
    Rayen veerman

    Turning off any matching doesn’t work a single bit tho

  • Gazstation


  • Peter Holmes
    Peter Holmes


  • Damn Ville
    Damn Ville

    Always wondered, why dont other regular guests do SBSs with each other ? Is it exclusively owned by Andy or something? I think a Euro-like SBS tournament with all the regulars and potentially new guests all having a go would be brilliant

  • Zxsurfers NHD7
    Zxsurfers NHD7

    He Is Very sure about England win. What About Others?

  • Damn Ville
    Damn Ville

    Nep is just too smart, pretty sure he did this to tilt the viewers, and discarded them afterward the recordings

  • Vikas Vasista
    Vikas Vasista

    listen to 2:57 it looks like haber is watching andy's stream

  • DarkMatterGaming 4564
    DarkMatterGaming 4564

    What was that about 5 nil

  • Shameer Niko
    Shameer Niko

    Tbh Andy actually didn’t play that bad with that team!

  • Rory Gillespie
    Rory Gillespie

    England didn’t create football lad Scotland did

  • Tj Edgar
    Tj Edgar

    Aj3 vs mark Goldbridge sbs🤔🤔🤔

  • Mikaela Collins
    Mikaela Collins

    Squad builder showdown idea use only English players no other nation

  • John Mcginn
    John Mcginn

    I don’t think it’s coming home

  • Fabless

    for all of you who came for netball this 23:40

  • Dom

    Kirbz said the strikers would be contenders for the top goal scorer, whilst Harry Kane has not had a shot on target and lewy has only scored 1 😂

  • Robbie Scott
    Robbie Scott

    just watched the scotland v czech republic game and they weren't very good were they... if thats the case then England are a pub team after friday night hahaha!!!

  • The Shiny Supreme Gaming
    The Shiny Supreme Gaming

    I packed him untradable from my 85+ player pick

  • revrse_ Raider
    revrse_ Raider

    Mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate x2

  • João Eusébio
    João Eusébio

    Luis Suarez is Spanish according to Andy

  • Ryan Davidson
    Ryan Davidson

    We weren’t even that bad against Czech, I agree with we need a proper striker but get it round you with the 0-0, well deserved

    • Fut_ Mate (Fut_mate)
      Fut_ Mate (Fut_mate)

      @Ryan Davidson oh 😂 forgot England haven’t played against Czech yet hahah sorry lol

    • Ryan Davidson
      Ryan Davidson

      @Fut_ Mate (Fut_mate) what are you chatting about lad I’m a Scotland fan, I’m glad Kane got pocketed by Tierney and co ahahah

    • Fut_ Mate (Fut_mate)
      Fut_ Mate (Fut_mate)

      You have the top goal scorer in prem 😂 what more do you need

  • Robbe De Cock
    Robbe De Cock

    Says i was so sneaky when he just picks a 96 rated english striker

  • David Mitchell
    David Mitchell

    "Scotland a bit shaky" end up keeping them to a draw and played way better than England 😂😂

  • Dean Kane
    Dean Kane

    That aged well

  • Kobi

    RIP Fillip Fodinho

  • cal

    It's not coming home

  • Jake Mcallister
    Jake Mcallister

    Anyone here after the game ahhahaha

  • robbin neeft
    robbin neeft

    Did you guys not think about redoing the intro after that shamefull game?

  • Marcus bamma
    Marcus bamma


  • Fin Murphy
    Fin Murphy

    Whoever the guest is happens to piss me off so much especially with his laugh honestly just get in the bin

  • László Sándor
    László Sándor

    5-0 to england that did not age well

  • rattled

    Well that Scotland vs England prediction went well

  • watson lawrence-clark
    watson lawrence-clark

    scotland dominated england hands down

  • Mr. X
    Mr. X

    Pfffhhh a video full of English fans thinking they are the best in the World 😅😅 cant wait for them to drop out of the Euros ..

  • Alex Lang
    Alex Lang

    5-0 ahshshs , 0-0

  • Sk1p

    Foden is now 600 k

  • ahmad rajab
    ahmad rajab

    Kirbz should give aj that italiano lad,so that it would make aj's life harder with chem

  • Jed Mcmillan
    Jed Mcmillan

    Scotland invented football u mug

  • Royck James
    Royck James

    Cmon foden is the best youngster in the world

  • Izaak Farley
    Izaak Farley

    I love andy been a fan since 2017 but it it just me but andy breathes 2 loud

  • Leprocah

    well that prediction on scotland v england did not go down well.

  • MuzzBhoy

    This is why you should never act like an arrogant tosser 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • TheGunner Tadhg
    TheGunner Tadhg

    Are you nearly out of content for the clips channel yet !!🤣🤣🤣

  • Gaute Grøtta Grav
    Gaute Grøtta Grav

    I can't even imagine the stench from kirbzes room

  • Harry Lev
    Harry Lev

    70% possession at half time with 0 shots on target 🤢

  • Michael Fahy
    Michael Fahy

    It not coming home

  • BackSide01

    Can you make a new rule: if you score with your trump card counts as 2 goals

  • Terry coyle
    Terry coyle

    Get Castro on a squad builder showdown

  • Luke Fielding
    Luke Fielding

    2 top scorers yeah.....

  • Jack Mitchell
    Jack Mitchell


  • Travis Rushen
    Travis Rushen

    For some reason when I saw Bateson I thought of Mike tyson

  • Jack Williamson
    Jack Williamson

    England were so bad on Friday if they keep playing like that it’s never coming home 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😁🤣

  • Duzza JDB9
    Duzza JDB9

    I want to buy Bruno & lewa tots and mattaius moments for my end game team, Ik they will keep going down for the rest of game cycle but with these preview packs, in the near future when is the buy time for me to get them

  • RilSyd

    Kirbz' laugh is so good hoooly, made the video a lot more entertaining, dont know some geezers hate on him

  • Jeppie Joosten
    Jeppie Joosten

    Isn't it always coming home for someone who is french?

  • Haikal Iskandar
    Haikal Iskandar

    do on the new firmino please !!!!!

  • Niko Kefa-loukos
    Niko Kefa-loukos

    Everyone’s here after 0-0

  • masquerade9989

    kirbz against andy's bronze team: 1 depth drop back and dink goals

  • Check

    Yes you won your first, but you lost your second to Scotland.

  • Daniel Cooper
    Daniel Cooper

    I can't believe this is not with FG?! Wait, he didn't pack him lol

  • Ryan Wilson
    Ryan Wilson

    "Scotland invented world football, says historian aiming to save first Hampden. Irish historian Ged O'Brien is on a mission to prove suggestions that football is "coming home" to England are "a flat lie" as it is "entirely a Scottish game" that originated 500 years ago as part of the Highland clan system."